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General information

Please make sure to validate as much as possible and limit the possible source of the issue before opening a ticket to prevent unnecessary questions and delays.  Please check the required ticket information knowledge base entry if you’re unsure what to include. Only once all necessary information is available, we’re able to start working on a solution.

Please make sure to be available for questions in case of urgent / high priority tickets. If no answers for questions are given in a reasonable timeframe we reserve the right to lower the ticket priority. If we receive an out of office notification without knowing an alternative contact or receiving an answer in a reasonable timeframe, we’ll lower the ticket priority as well. 

E.g. if an urgent ticket was created but information is missing and no answer for the open questions is given within 8 workhours we’ll downgrade the priority. This only applies to urgent / high priority tickets. As a basis we’re expecting the requester to answer within twice the SLA first response times we’re setting ourselves.

Urgent tickets: 8 work hours
High tickets: 24 work hours

Assumed availability: 08:00 am - 5:00 pm

Categorization of priority

Rules for initial priorisation of tickets. Priority may change after first analysis.

A ticket is categorized based on the following criteria:

What is considered a feature request

New functionality in the Simplifier platform / Simplifier mobile client or changes of existing, working as designed functionality in the Simplifier platform / Simplifier mobile client.

Example for feature requests:

  • Transport system isn't able to overwrite single artifacts but it should be

Example for valid ticket: 

  • Transport system is causing an error while using it as it is intended to

What does “Simplifier plattform/ Simplifier Cloud hosting specific” mean?

The content of the topic is focusing on the Simplifier platform and / or how to use its functionality. Furthermore topics in regard to hosting if your Simplifier instances are hosted by Simplifier AG.


Valid topics:

  • How to use the PDF plugin

  • Issues when creating a e.g. table data binding

  • Errors in functionality of connectors

  • Accessing data in the Simplifier Docker Container


Invalid topics:

  • How to solve X/Y using javascript or third party library

  • How to collect data from a database using performant SQL queries

  • Configuring network so Simplifier Instance can reach a certain endpoints

  • Hosting questions when hosting is not provided by Simplifier AG

What does “budget available” mean?

Customer / Partner has an active paid support / enablding budget

Urgent criteria

  • Simplifier Instance is not reachable 

  • major outage in productive instance (causing issue for all users / all applications)

Valid Cases

  • Login on Productive Instance not possible anymore after Simplifier Update. 

  • Mobile client not usable for all users

  • All connectors of a specific type are causing issues

  • Instance is reachable but core functionality is causing issues for all users / all applications

    • e.g.

      • Login not working on Simplifier side (possible issues caused by 3rd party systems not included. e.g. if login not possible anymore because changes in azure were made )

      • Multiple different connectors are not working anymore / running into timeout

Invalid cases

  • Anything regarding QA / DEV Instance

  • Issues caused by customization

  • Questions in regard to plannable activities

  • Error caused by external systems 

    • e.g. Mapping of roles is handled using azure groups / profile attributes and error is caused by those groups / attributes not present anymore. 

    • e.g. SAP system not available 

High criteria

  • Productive instance itself is reachable but core functionality for one / more applications is gone. Multiple users have to face the issue.

Valid Cases

  • Content repository plugin is crashing when using a specific application rendering this application useless

  • Workflow Engine Container is not working anymore, making a Workflow unusable

Invalid cases

  • Anything regarding QA / DEV Instance

  • Issues caused by customization

  • Questions in regard to plannable activities

Medium criteria

  • Productive instance itself is reachable but core functionality for single users is causing issues on productive instance and therefore productive use is not affected as a whole

  • Issue occurs on QA / Dev Instance caused by the plattform, issue is effecting functionality and no workaround is available.

  • Customizing Issues despite using best practice approach and therefor caused by platform issues

    • Please try to verify that the issue is caused by the platform and not by faulthy customization. If faulthy customization is the source, efforts will be booked onto customer budget / invoice will be sent if no budget is available.

Valid Cases

  • Binding of table data not working properly, despite using best practice approach

  • Single user is not able to use the mobile client on productive instance, despite all others facing no issues

  • If customer budget available: Anything that is preventing developers from working properly on DEV / QA

Invalid cases

  • Issue accessing the Simplifier Community / Support portal

  • UI of import log is causing an issue when resizing, import itself is working as expected. Import log can be downloaded

Low criteria

  • Issue is not effecting functionality / workaround is available. 

  • Issues regarding Simplifier Community / Customer Portal

  • If customer has budget:

    • all questions regarding customization / app building that are not blocking developers

    • all questions regarding thrid party functionality (e.g. javascript, SQL) that is used by but not maintained by Simplifier

    • plannable activities

      • Updates of instances

      • Changes in app structure 

      • Setup of SSO

No Valid Ticket

  • All platform independent topics if the customer does not have an active budget

  • All customizing / app building topics if the customer does not have an active budget

  • Any feature request

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